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Press Release – H2DroneUnlock

Based on the growing interest in hydrogen technology, and now the ability to power drones, SKYCORP and The Bionic Eye are happy to announce a joint service to make this option accessible to also companies with existing drone platforms who would like to take advantage of this impressive technology.

This means that the companies responsible for the first commercially available hydrogen drone in Europe, the e-Drone Zero, have pooled their extensive network, experience, resources and know-how in the field of hydrogen drone technology together to provide an all-inclusive solution for making this novel technology also available for companies who are not yet looking for a brand new drone, but would like to take advantage of hydrogen’s massive list of benefits for their existing system.

The first step is an easy one, to find out whether your drone can be converted the company should fill out a short questionnaire regarding their drone. This will allow the experts at The Bionic Eye to analyse the received information to determine if the system can be converted and confirm over the required workflow for the conversion in addition to the expected benefits such as by how many times the flight time can be increased.

On average customers should expect that converting from traditional LiPO batteries to clean hydrogen will result in at least a 3 times longer flight endurance on multicopters, refuelling reduced to 1-2 minutes, improved workflow and improved flight characteristics due to hydrogen fuel cell’s non-decaying power output.

As a standard qualifier the drone should be larger than 500mm diagonally and preferably a 6S (22v) system for the easiest conversion.

Based on the accumulated experience working on numerous Hydrogen Fuel Cell integrations SKYCORP and The Bionic Eye estimate that this service can provide companies 3-4 times cost and time savings by converting to Hydrogen in addition to other benefits such as being able to provide in-house training on the new workflow, operation and refuelling of the newly upgraded hydrogen drone.

Should you wish you find out whether your drone is Hydrogen Ready and can be upgraded please feel free to contact either SKYCORP or The Bionic Eye for consultation on the next steps by clicking on either of the company logos below.

You can also come and directly talk to us at AUVSI Xponential, Chicago between 30th of April and 2nd of May, our e-Drone Zero is stationed at Intelligent Energy's booth #3413 where the best hydrogen Fuel Cells come from.